Show the Love Campaign

Show the Love is a campaign supported by the Churches, Christian Aid, the Womens Institute, the Climate Coalition and many others each February since 2015. You can join in by making a green heart to decorate your home and remind you that all actions you take, however small, can help to safeguard our planet. By taking part you show the love for everything you want to protect from the climate crisis and to create a safer world for future generations.

Look out for Green Hearts on our Church noticeboards and in windows around the town.


Here are the prayers on the noticeboard 


Green Christian are asking churches and individuals to use this  Show the Love Prayer and Blessing in worship on Sunday 14th February – Saint Valentine’s Day.

Show the Love Prayer 2021

O God who is love Let love empower our compassion Let love embrace each and everyone Let love unite humans and non-human In restorative co-existence.

O Jesus, love come down to earth May we honour the earth May we honour all that dwells in the earth May we be reconciled with the earth Become what we are, of the earth.

O Spirit of love Grant us a spirit of humility Grant us a spirit of carefulness Grant us a spirit of friendship For the earth and all that dwells with us here.

Toni Bennett


Show the Love Blessing 2021

May our loving God, who created the world and all that is in it, Inspire us to delight in our beautiful home, And to live in wonder, peace and joy. May our living God keep our hearts turned to loving our neighbour and to respecting the creation we share. May our merciful God help us to live this week in goodness and hope, And fill us with God’s peace.

Amen   Ash Vale Chapel Poetry Group


So beautiful is the world You created – from soil to sea, plants and trees of every sort.

How wonderful the waters teeming with living creatures, birds flying across the skies, all creatures and beasts on the land

Oh, how we have taken for granted and so greedily from the earth – destroyed habitats, hunted to extinction, desecrated environments and species.

We are sorry for our ignorance, our selfishness, our behaviour

Turn us into agents of action –

Help us to change our ways –

Encourage us to bring others with us; families, friends, politicians and world leaders to….

Learn new fairer, greener ways to live with each other

On this beautiful blue planet, till every…

Valley and mountain top, field and forest, river and sea is restored, and we find a new balance to live as You intended, for….

Evermore      Amen           

       Sue Charlton


Here is a pattern for making green pompom hearts. Alternatively you could make them out of paper or felt.